About Me

Robin Neyrey, LCSW
Certified Daring Way Facilitator
Somatic Experiencing® Practioner
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
Clinical Certified Partner Specialist
Certified Partner Trauma Therapist

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the general practice of psychotherapy with adults.

I am honored to work with clients as they seek balance and healing.  I compassionately join with clients to offer my experience and training in Post Induction Therapy, Somatic Experiencing®, and The Daring Way™ model.

Post Induction Therapy is a model developed by Pia Mellody, Senior Clinical Advisor at The Meadows in Arizona for working with the core issues of codependence.  The model explores the impact of childhood relational woundings on adult functioning and offers solutions for healing and improved relationships with oneself and others.

Somatic Experiencing® informs my work as I help clients gently move from fight, flight, flee or freeze to trusting the innate process of one’s body to regulate emotion and heal accumulated stress.

The Daring Way™ model gives language to the universal, and often unspeakable, experience of shame. I offer clients the opportunity to move through the stuck feelings of unworthiness and shame to a place of authenticity, shame resilience, and wholehearted living.

Areas of Specialization
Family of Origin Work
Accumulated Stress
Addiction Recovery
Trauma Resolution
Grief Work
Relationship Issues
Intimacy Betrayal
Love Addiction/Love Avoidance
Post Traumatic Stress Response
Shame/Shame Resilience

Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Tulane University.
Master of Social Work from University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work .

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Texas License number 30960.

Post Induction Therapy - trained by Pia Mellody in " The Meadows Model.”
Somatic Experiencing® - developed by Peter Levine, PhD.
The Daring Way ™ , based on the research of Brené Brown , PhD, LMSW.
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT). I work with the betrayed partner only, not the acting out partner. See: IITAP .
Certified Partner Trauma Therapist (CPTT). See: IITAP .
Clinical Certified Partner Specialist (CCPS). Trained by APSATS in the multidimensional partner trauma model. Developed by Barbara Steffens and Marsha Means. 
Body and Somatic Education (BASE). Developed by Dave Berger: including concussion and PTSD work.
Somatic Resilience and Regulation (SRR) with Kathy Kain and Steve Terrell.
Nurturing the Heart (Interpersonal Neurobiology) with Bonnie Badenoch.

Currently Studying
Touch skills training with Kathy Kain: Somatic Practice.
Neuro Affective Touch with Aline La Pierre.
Transforming the Experience Based Brain with Steve Terrell.

Professional Memberships
International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals
Somatic Experiencing International
The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists